Exhibition and the art work of Lidia Leon, Foundation LiLeon editions, 2020

Monograph of the Dominican artist Lidia Leon Cabral.


Rebuilding with art, Progedit, 2019

What is the contribution that the art world can offer to the earthquake victims of L'Aquila? Starting from the debate that the issue raised in 2010 at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the author recounts the genesis of her project "Nine artists for reconstruction" and retraces the fundamental stages that led to the creation of the amphitheater by the American sculptor Beverly Pepper for Parco del Sole in L'Aquila.

A providential sign - the presence of a dog - led the administrators of L'Aquila to use the universal languages ​​of art to redesign the emotional and sentimental geography of destroyed and abandoned places, so that people could return there.

The art of transmutation, Vanilla editions, 2013

Monograph of the Venetian artist Antonia Trevisan.

Sans Papier, Magic Lantern Editions, 2011

Monograph of the American / Italian photographer John R. Pepper.

Eloquent crying, catalog of Marco Agostinelli's exhibition at Palazzo Zenobio Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael (Venice), Edizioni lasestaarte, 2008

I will never leave you, Edimond, 2005 - Literary prize city of Fondi

A choice of life painfully never made and one instead that frees life. Two women compared, mother and daughter. Can one live by denying love or remembering it secretly? Overlapping several generations back in time, in an Umbria rich in nature and landscapes, with medieval stones and centuries-old traditions but also with ancient and heavy legacies, the story of Angela evolves, an old mother who was sick but still strong enough to transmit a liberating message to his daughter Maria.

The art for a life, the Marquis Giorgio Capranica del Grillo, catalog of the exhibition at the Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum in Rome, Edimond, 2005

Umbra Lux Dei, catalog of the exhibition of Marco Agostinelli at the Museum of contemporary sacred art of San Gabriele (Teramo), Edizioni Stauros, 2005

The man who came from the wind, Sirene collection, The voices of the sea, Publisher Terre di mezzo, 2004 (selection of unpublished works with introduction by Maurizio Maggiani)

The art for a life, the marquis Giorgio Capranica del Grillo, Progedit, 2003

Why was the Marquis Giorgio Capranica del Grillo, a young painter talent, forced to give up his art? Called to study the few paintings left by the Marquis, an art critic runs into his correspondence and reconstructs his life and passions. Through Silvia imaginary character, the narrator enters the inner world of Guorgio. Silvia dies on the same date of Giorgio's birth.

The digital ghost, catalog of Marco Agostinelli's exhibition at the Rocca Paolina in Perugia, Edizioni lasestaarte, 2003

The carousel of passion, Progedit, 2002

It is inspired by a murder that actually happened in 1997 in São Paulo, Brazil. Sao Paulo is the metropolis of modernity, Brazil with its contradictions the beating heart of the universe; nature the inner refuge, the merry-go-round of passion, the tool of everyone's life that only death can stop.