Cultural Association RO.SA.M.

The cultural association RO.SA.M. was founded in Venice in 2010 with the aim of promoting art and culture in collaboration with national and international artists and cultural operators, public and private entities, institutions and banking foundations.

Among the numerous activities organized in Venice for this purpose, the collaboration with the Venice Civic Museums Foundation for the creation of promotional videos dedicated to their museums. Furthermore the recent initiative undertaken with the master craftsmen of the Squero di San Trovaso, for the opening of the small private gondola museum and the literary prize "La Calcina - John Ruskin, writing about architecture".  The price was created by the artist and film maker Marco Agostinelli, councilor of the association, in collaboration with the Ateneo Veneto and the Hotel Restaurant La Calcina ,which had its first edition in May 2018.

In recent years RO.SA.M. also pays close attention to cultural and artistic projects of environmental and social sustainability as evidenced by the "Mare Internum / The Table of Silence" project, dedicated to the theme of immigration organized in 2016/2017 at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome under the patronage the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Embassy of the United States of America in Italy, the Municipalities of Lampedusa Linosa and Palmanova. The work "Mare Internum / The Table of Silence" by the artist Rossella Vasta thanks to RO.SA.M. was placed in 2018 permanently in Venice in the Giudecca Emergency headquarters on the occasion of the "Knowing" review organized by Emergency which ended with the screening of the film "Gholam, my Afghanistan" by the director Marco Agostinelli and produced by the association.

The greatest achievement to date in the field of sustainability is the amphisculpture of the great American sculptor Beverly Pepper for Parco del Sole in L'Aquila, built thanks to the considerable economic commitment of Eni which is the largest theater in its size open in central and southern Italy.

The amphisculpture is part of the "Nine artists for reconstruction" project conceived by the art critic Roberta Semeraro president of the association, and presented in 2010 to the Municipality of L'Aquila with the support of the CARISPAQ Foundation and the United States Embassy in 'America.

For the memory day of 2020 on the initiative of the vice president of the association, Mrs. Iris Peynado, ROSAM organized the exhibition Ninez Rubata by Patricia Tolentino and Rosalia Ramirez at the Magazzino Gallery.

Currently the association is involved in the construction of the Dominican Republic Pavilion at the 17th architecture biennale, of the exhibition "Memory, the light of time" by Federica Marangoni at the Marciana Library in Venice for the world book and documentary day "From the library of Ashurbanibal of the British Museum at the library for L'Aquila by Linda Karshan ".